Movere Seminar Held in Queens College Yaba Lagos.

Movere as a movement to empower kids is still making serious moves in doing what we earlier promised. On 16TH MARCH 2018.

We visited Queens College Yaba Lagos. From our visit, we have discovered that most teenagers in our secondary schools are struggling with various kinds of pressure and addictions. Hence the movere_the movement is keen on rendering a helping hand to help teens out of the addictions.

We dealt on the following with the jss3 students: 

  • Abuse
  • Peer pressure
  • Bullying
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Lesbianism.

The hall was full to capacity with students, the environment was conducive and the college students were receptive. Thanks to the school admin and the principal’s secretary. The presentation was about an hour, there were questions, interactive and one on one counseling session.

At the end of the session most of the girls were happy and gave us a standing ovation In the course of the counseling session a lot of girls revealed the addictions they struggling with and they resolved to change and how we can be of help by mentoring them. Issues like Sex abuse    Lesbianism Peer pressure Suicidal thought (lack of love at home and in school) Bullying and lots more.


We recommended a follow up after we have completed the presentations with the other classes. We suggest a parent forum be held because most of these things happen at home and their parents are not aware. A lot of students asked for follow up and mentoring but we cannot do that without the consent of their parents. We want to thank the college principal for giving us access to the students.

God bless your kind heart for being a good mother.


Movere Seminar Held in Federal Government College Kaduna

The Movere seminar held at FGC Malali, Kaduna State on the 14th of February 2018 was a huge success.

The Seminar Started at about 10.00 AM GMT+1 after Mr. Christian Akpan, Mr. Magaji, Mr. Casweeney and Mr. Tony organised the SS3 students to gather at the School's ICT centre. The Seminar was presented by Joyce Megbaji as she started by introducing herself to the students. She presented the seminar using a well organized Microsoft Powerpoint Slide which was very captivating as the students attention were tied to the presentation.

She(Joyce Megbaje) Explained the meaning of the word "MOVERE" to be movement coined from the Latin origin. She went further to advice students not to be solely dependent on their subjects, that they should learn a vocation and work hard to make it a success.

The presenter also went further to tell the students that the Nigerian Education System is not favorable to all because humans(students) have different abilities but are all tested using the same means(paper examination).

Hence students should endeavor to go to school, but should not be certificate dependent but rather thrive for excellence, because people/employers no longer look at certificates but what one can do.


Information and Communication Technology.